August 5, 2008

History paper

so okay , today my friends and i were in a badmood in class . we did our own things at every each of the corner quietly . we're not fighting or anything , its just about our latest exam , shit results . well , we managed to scored 4 or 5 subjects with great marks but still we didnt get our History paper from En. Zukapli , he's been busy with some sports so he didnt manage to pass up the paper , yet . the one and only paper yang menentukan whether we fail our test or not . honestly , we didnt do well for our History paper this time and thats why we risau gila . we used our machine-gun most of the time during the History paper (tembak jawapan) so then , we did a survey at the 'genius class' regarding the History paper and found out that most of the students failed -____-' my friends and i was like WTF ? if diaorang yng genius segenius genius tu pun failed ni pulak kteorang yng class ke-3 ? omg omg semua gelabah . lari balik masuk kelas and bincang about the History paper .
"habis la kita weh , we're dead meat !" said erie . "no no , stay calm . dont say that , if you gelabah heh I LAGILAH GELABAH okay" aku menyampok . 2 or 3 days kteorang just pikir pasal that thing and yes , we were very worried :s if 7 lulus , 1 failed -maka SEMUA FAILED (oh wow , thats just great)

so yeah , this upcoming thursday maybe En. Zulkapli will be coming to school and give out the papers . harapan kami ciput gila untuk nak pass this History test . if we failed this test , we're going to be in the DAHLIA CLASS ! 4th class , argh nooo kteorang tak mahu turun kelas teacherr ! pleasee :(

-ooh wish us luck

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