August 29, 2008

I love this month, yayy!

this is the greatest month of my life so far. yes, the GREATEST -.- i have been fighting with my friends like 6 weeks sudah. bukan sorang sahaja, tapi ramai gila. campur aduk semua. here we go again -the part that i hated the most -.- aku tak tahu kenapa lately semua jadi macam ni, i just keep on falling ;( aku upset gila. orang yng aku rapat pulak tu, hm.

'im currently hoping on my real-life friends :( as for the others, they keep running away from me and they have already forgotten about me. bestfriends forever eh? yeah, nice words. you know who you are and thank you for that.' -seriously, these days aku ada banyak sangat masalah berkait rapat dengan relationships :( friends, family and my boyfriend too :/ and im pretty stressed out. i need erie and sha right away, pleaaseee ;( diorang aje yng bestfriend aku yng boleh aku bergantung sekarang. kalau tak who else lagi? i love them. about my friend, E tu kan. masih tak elok lagi. and aku dah taktahu nak buat macam mana lagi [sighs]

p/s: tight, aku TAK PERNAH lupa tentang kau tahu tak sumpah demi Allah :( kau aje yng pikir yng 'aku dah lupakan kau'. bullshit lawey. aku sayang kau sgt sgt tahutakkk ;(

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