January 1, 2009

2009 is here, everybody

eh, its 2009 already ah? My God, time really flies very fast dont you think? so yeah, rewind back when it was still December 31st. i woke up that morning at 7am and tagged along with my dad to work at subang/sri damansara. "so paa, we're going to our usual spot for the celebration right?" "curve? ah yes, and this time i've made my calculations". haha calculations untuk lari from those after-party-heavy-traffics :P so we parked our car pretty far away from the event so that nnt time balik senang nak cabuuutt! well, of course you have to walk a bit la for that :P HOYEAH! hazi's finally hereee :D tanya eddie mana dia and okay dah jumpa semua jalan jalan je. maann, curve was packed! lots of young under-aged teenagers (including me bwahaha) ada la jugak nampak satu budak laki ni looked like he's 10 smoking cigarettes acting like he's twenty fucking four years old, walaweh mmg off the hook ah aku cakap! -__-' sheesh, kids these days. did i mention to you that i met uzair? for the love of God, rambut dia dah panjang baalikkk! hahaha boy, i really missed him since he's away to indonesia for his further studies :) so yeah, since all the places are crowded, we didnt walk around here and there that much. well, most of the time we were at cineleisure je oh haha. i tried a few times to go out from there alone just wanna take a look around. baru keluar dekat entrance, "OMG OMG. i cant stand it! help me, too many faces! hazi, this is a bad idea. go back inside now!" :P hahaha. so yeaahh, lepak balik dengan eddie faye acap and the others again. i cant go anywhere alone cos yeah, my phone's battery died. just greeaaaattt -___-' SPOILED HABIS! well, since there's too many humans around there so we went up to the cineleisure's rooftop and i dont know who's idea that was but heh, good idea :P we were sitting there in a circle ramai-ramai and some of them terlalu selesa la plak sambil baring baring haha :D we didnt realize until the fireworks started to decorate the clear sky and everybody was like, WHOOAAA! it was awesome cos we could see both curve's and ou's fireworks at the same time :D best, macam tengok atas kepala je haha. whooo-kay, that was the FUN part, the lame part is...aku tak tangkap gambar langsung! jangan kata diri aku, any other object(s) pun tadak. heh, menyesal kot -__- but thank God taty saved our day (me & eddie haha) this is the ONLY picture of us masa new year's eve. ni pun dia yng tangkap secara suka relanya. ah man, so pathetic :P

YEAH, thats it :P

sooooooooooooo, its 1230. challow geng, kena gerak dah. salam salam semua, WOKEY! im off :D after that aku jalan ke kereta, yes jaauuhh! O.O haha and my dad's calculations? it worked perfectly ;) naik kereta terus boleh cabuuuttt! cos where're near to the exit. yay for daddy! habis la kereta kereta tu semua yng sangkut dalam traffic tu memang SAKIT AH NAK MENUNGGU UNTUK KELUAR. so thats it, my new year's eve. honestly, it didnt go like i thought it would be on the day before. nahh, it wasn't really an exciting
opening for me -well except for the fireworks.

FAN-TAS-TIC, i liked it!



taty said...

thats my pic! haha ;)
eh, i ade lagi tau. but that was the best one. hehe :)

oh, hello hazi! (lupe plak nak ckp hi) ;p

Hazira Harris said...

yeaaahhh hey taty! :)

haha takpelah, SATU GAMBAR pun nohallah *rolling eyes* hahaha