February 27, 2009

Sports Day

Today, 27th February, there was a Sports Day at my school which is pretty lame. 1st, of course, i did not take any part in this year's event (well except, kawad kaki for Pengakap) 2nd, no perfomance(s). 3rd, weekdays. 4th, there was NO DECORATING (rumah sukan) or what so ever because of masalah kewangan like that and they decided to make it like its a private event as they can for the students -okay la whatever la kan. boring gila you know, we were just walking here and there back forth and just dont know what to do. ada satu time je kteorang like "ahh, at last, there's something to do!" -MAKAN! haha punya la sanggup/semangat nak tolong cikgu pack makanan for the blue team sbb nak dapat makan free *padahal tak bayar kupon lagi haha*
fine fine, i'll pay it on monday :P

what i enjoyed the most when i put a lot of ices into Maal's polo HAHAHA! mann, that was fun ;P and guess what? Doyot gila kelakar when she wore her maskot for the Red Team -as a Bunga Raya! hahaha darn it, she changed her 'outfit' a bit early after we finished our kawad, ceh baru nak candid :P

thats us, sitting around dreaming about I Wish There Was A Long-Haired Guy In Our School So That I Can Be His Fucking Girlfriend, whoops excuse us hehe :} then, it was over. jom balik jom balikk! and yes, the results:

1st- PURPLE TEAM (ah man, they stole Blue Team's place!) :O
as for the YELLOW & GREEN TEAM, im not sure.
peace out brathah!

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