May 22, 2009

I feel the heat

Well as you can see up here, we did our Seni paper 2 today and it was err.. random? same question, same old technique -riight. so i decided to choose this question which i have to draw few tomatoes and also an eggplant instead of bringing my water colors and have to paint a sunset/sunrise view yada yada yada aghh menyusahkan, full stop. be professional hazi, go for the easy one! HAHA :D mine is on the right, on the left side is fai's and dont forget, the most expensive drawing EVAHH. please put your hands together for erie! *crowd cheering* i like your so-called-shadows though. no? okay, maybe not :} haha and oh one more thing, your eggplant is like wearing a wig! haha maann, i love you bestf <3

Others: haha this one really cracks me out. nizam, my classmate sat behind me when we were doing the sketches. and when he's done with his drawing, he stared at his paper. *staring part* "err.. aku rasa macam tak kena lah dengan drawing aku ni. asal ah? weh wehh, bak kertas soalan seni do. LAHH, APE AKU LUKIS NI?!"

orang belakang: kau apehal nizam? soalan nak kau lukis tomato dengan terung, yang kau lukis apple, mangga dengan grapes ape cite wey! HAHAHA kelakar gila xD he laughed and he took another drawing paper and buat baru. haha nice one, Ni to the Zam :P

Mid Year Exam Fever, i'll update it everyday;

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