May 12, 2009

Yeah, sing along with me kids!

Today, nothing much happened at school. surprisingly our BM teacher did not come into the class and so, Sir Darren took over our class. "Sir Darren is coming to our class? OMG spread the news!" -hahaha kelakar gila :D and there! he stepped into our class with his guitar instead of carrying exercise books or laptop like other teachers would carry along with them :P

haha okay enough. this 'darren' actually have his own band called Army Of Three and their new album will be out soon. to be honest, i've never heard the band before :P well after i browsed some of his pictures and stuffs on their myspace music and ehey, they used to perform for Fly Fm's campur chart this and that, well last week they played at the Laundry. and these are some of his pictures when he is having fun :)

p/s: hehe sir, if you're reading this or something, GOOD! 8)

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