June 23, 2009

Merry Happy Poop

correction; today, 24th June
(apesal la blogger punya date lambat dey)

73% punya progress -FUTS!

best gila extra class ditundakan for this two weeks sejak yesterday sbb the teachers are all dah naik cuak pasal hari kantin nak dekat haha, oh HEAVEN! :P so today, instead of going to class, we helped some of the other boys to finish their futsal poster thingy and mula lah, ambil kesempatan to hang around in the art room the whole day. muahaha! tapi tangan berjalan gak eh buat kerja ok 8)

oh yes, since erie dah signed up for the 'hantu' role, so boleh la kita sebagai ajk masuk free (!) GOOD TACTIC GEES.

and one more thing, today is also asma's birthday!


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