July 11, 2009

Stick it and glide

oh well, its lazy saturday again. i woke up on my bed this morning and saw farah and faris sleeping on the floor. they were fighting over a conferter with their eyes closed, haha. its 6am and i received a text message from erie. she had to cancel our plans to Istana Budaya later for today. frust menonggeng kejap, then mama called me from downstairs saying that abang is not feeling very well to drive me to IB. -greeaatt, now everythings canceled. mama's going to make steamboat for dinner. there's gonna be tons of people coming (well that's a lie) hope fai's coming. and now im stucked playing Hotel626 in front of the garden with farah and sofea. 95% loading... oh come on, faster! i miss playing in that toilet part :P and sorry for putting Mr. Duckie as the front picture. haha too pretty to eat! :s

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