September 12, 2009

A choo-choo update

There's a lot of things spinning on my mind these days. Yes, a lot. And lately i dont feel like to blog about it. I spent a lot of time talking to my new friend on the phone every night and surprisingly, it felt just wonderful talking to him. Starting tomorrow (monday) is the last week of school before all of us will be heading to our kampung for Raya. Hell, im not that excited for it this year and you know why :/ 2 weeks after Raya which is on 7th October, we'll be facing our PMR. Am i right, 1994 babies? So yeah, i kept telling myself just to concentrate for this exam for a while. Oh come on hazi, put yourself back together and you're out of this. *Exhales* I already got our examination timetable for 7th- 13th last few days. Lagilah 'ketaq lutut' ye tak? eheh.

I still can't finish my money for shopping raya that my dad & mom gave me. I've been to almost every shopping mall these few weeks and seems like i just don't know what to buy. Well except for last night, finally bought myself a pair of shoes :B hehe. And i think that's all for now, i shall continue playing Country Story on Facebook for a while, juust to check out my crops hehe.
bye bye! xx

I still feel that picture of me is pretty scary in some kind of way, grr.

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