November 2, 2009

Out of nowhere

Wow, its quite a while huh? i haven't update any new post on my blog since uhh.. 2 months ago? blergh, i dont feel like blogging anymore.. well not for now. so yeah, here's some choo-choo update just to keep my blog still running.

-life's good after pmr, being lifeless for now is so cool.

-'kantoi' with my parents about this one tiny thang
and they gave me 'The Talk'.

-i already dumped myspace for facebook, bye.

-i ate a lot of toasted cheese on Halloween.

-no, i didn't go AAR's concert unlike you.

-i blocked Christopher on msn from contacting me, sorry man.

-i had fun celebrating Adlin's small birthday partayy.

-and i met your mom, she was hot.

hopefully this wednesday will be my lucky day, heads up! xx

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