November 22, 2009

People do change

im confused. about umm... this thing with err.. friend of mine. dont wanna tell it crystal clear in here cos yeah, no. maybe i'll keep it to myself and try to figure it out what's got into his mind lately. yes? no? maybe? ah whatever. its already 4:15am and idk why i feel like updating my blog AT THIS MOMENT. demam? no. sakit otak? no. hungry? well.. a bit, maybe. im off to Perak later with my dad for a week. yes, my dad and i. ipoh taiping lumut, you name it. hopefully i wont eat that much lah this time, say no to seafood! so yummy :( speaking of food, im so hungry! wanna make my so-called-instant-menu toasted cheese, but sadly i ran out of chhheeezeee already *sob sob* so i guess i just have to continue with this, hmm. i feel down right now, and im listening to Destiny's Child -Cater To You makes me feel even more down-er. (heh? is that even a word? lol) now whats that noise outside of my house?! someone's car toink toink, bising lah. ah shut up.

last but not least, i miss talking on the phone with you every night. (insert sad emoticon here) no wait, already changed my thoughts. im cool with it now. I GOT NO MORE DRAMAS (!)

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