January 1, 2010

so yeah, it turned out as i expected. my instinct was right all along. i celebrated new year at the curve alone, at first. ingat nak balik ah kalau takde kawan to hang out with kan. but luckily i found bat and diyanah after that. i was like, oh what the heck. at least i got somebody to celebrate with :( my bestfriends are all missing and its not good. it wasn't really a good start for me though, i miss last year's celebration. i miss the people.

the best part is when i was on my way back home with my brother. there was a roadblock, the police guy asked my brother.. "siapa tu?" "adik saya" "siapa?" "adik saaaaaaye" *pitch nak tinggi tapi tahan hahaha!* and the police guy, "berhenti tepi" -___- hek eleh, tak percaya ke? lol, i whispered at my brother; "ah sudah abang, diorang dah ingat im your gf! haha" then another police guy came, "siapa tu?" "adik saya, tuan" "yeke? ok ok." "kenapa, ingat girlfriend saya ke?" "eh tak ada lah. takpe. tuhan melihat apa yng anda buat ye" -okay, i totally laughed so hard after that HAHA.

and that was all, happy 2010 folks.

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