February 9, 2010

- Erie loves everything that has to do with RED.
- Fai is obsessed with Korean people.
- Hazi loves to see guys with long hair.
- Erie likes to make people laugh eventhough
her jokes aren't that funny.
- Fai hates being single.
- Hazi is allergic to cats.
- Erie hates to eat cucumber and thats for sure.
- Fai loves to shout at people (in a very cute way)
- Hazi hates to eat chocolate candy, yeap.
- Erie has a cute squeaky laugh ♥
- Fai loves to camp!
- Hazi hates to text.
- Erie likes to eat spicy food. (4 SENDUK OF CHILIES FTW)
- Fai thinks that pixels are super cute.
- Hazi loves to eat Yong Tau Foo... a lot.


fairuzAmanina said...

awww~ so sweet. btw, nice drawing :)

Hazira Harris said...

MI LAP YU BESTFRIEND! ... and, thanks :D