March 3, 2010

yesterday wasn't really a good day for me to remember. my granny passed away and yes, i feel sorry for you pa. i cant bear looking at your face. and when i do, i feel extremely sad. because for granny, papa was the closest 'friend' she ever had. ahh, i miss calling you as 'papa's second girlfriend'. you're the cutest grandma i've ever had. you're sooo small and so cuddly to hug. i love it when you were on an escalator, oh you'll do your 2Fs alright. FREEZE & FREAK-OUT, hihi. may God bless your soul, tok achi.
*rasa tenang sangat bila tengok abang turun and
tolong letakkan granny's body dalam kubur tu.

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Ulii Azman said...

auww :( im sorry to hear that. al fatihah.