October 15, 2008

Wish me luck

aiyoyo final exams are coming and i havent study a thing yet! :S next monday pulak tu, eghh. i am worried about maths, science and history paper. well, as you can see i've bolded the 'history' word there. thats the subject that i have always dapat 'atas pagar' punya markah one :/ seriously, i dont like sejarah. its boring! :( you have to read it, understand and remember it. duh, tak termasuk tahun bila and when what why by who lagi? [sighs] most of the students at my class failed their exams just because of this subject, history. satu failed, SEMUA SUBJECTS FAILED. sedangkan their maths, english, geo and whatever else dapat As or Bs tetap gagal. well you know, format PMR en -___- sheesh, talking about PMR makes me uncomfortable. my friends and i are freaking out cos next year is our turn pulak :S today at my school, budak2 PMR semua ada paper maths and HISTORY -yeah, tons of goodluck fellas. but anyway is, i wish i could just take the final exam as fast as i can and *wallah!* its over :) hehe wish me luck!

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