April 6, 2009

Good thinking

i dont know what was on her head when walking nearby that longkang until i realized that she was already on the ground! i was like, "OMG fai OMG fai! are you okaayy? OMG OMG!" -the boys infront of us were just laughing out loud and they all like, weyy fai! kau diving ke do? hahahaha i was laughing (inside), but at the same time i tried to cover her up infront of those boys. pulled her up and also beg kesayangan dia. she got up very cool looking, and saying 'nahh, its okay its okay. im alright" -okay abendanya, muka dah ketat semacam hahaha! tarik dia cepat cepatt then all she can say after that is, MALU SIAL MALU SIAL! -heh, you can that again :P

so like, habis her baju kurung gila kotor and all (poor little thing *haha*) then she decided to change back to her baju pj. while im waiting for her to change her clothes, i went to the other side of surau sambil terkekek-kekek jalan and told shira and naddy that FAI FELL! maann, they were laughing their ass off you know! eh alamak, fai dah keluar :P

"wey fai, what were you thinking?!"
"aku taktau do, f*** ah besi #!@*& tu en"
"hahaha lek aa do, tapi.. (and oh no, here it comes!) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

okay sorry, i couldn't stand it anymore :} my God fai, seriously. i cant forget your priceless face until now! luckily erie & sha didn't come to school today, kalau tak they will laugh their ass off too i think xD amma amma, that was good weh. lol, joke of the day! <3


SH said...

HAHA, kelakar gila kawan you jatuh

lisa a. said...

"weh kau diving ke do ? "

you link i as lisa haqim ?
nnt i link you :D