April 14, 2009

So Long

Tash is moving out to Klang soon, and man we're gonna miss you :( well if you go, who's going to be our little tempura after this? who's going to be our flyer? who's going to talk about Chip every morning at school like you? who's going to be the most gEWdiKZ gURL eVeR? be a part of 'Usus Rosak' with Erie letak cili banyak gila in the meehoon soup at recess time? who's going to be our camp-partner? go swimming after school like usual? be the miss pink-panther-holic? hmm :( but anyway is, im going to finish my design for your pink papan thingy you took it from bengkel KH or what so ever asap :) well, fai is pretty pissed off at first you know when you came to our class and told me to do that design too (copying fai) "lek fai lekk, let her be. i'll do one for her but not exactly like yours since she's always do the copy&paste mode" :P

ahh, fai tak kisah dah weh. dont worry la tash, semuanya dah diHALALkan oleh kami hahaha. it was fun having you here since you moved to our school.

"eh, budak baru eh?"
"yela kot, muka tak familiar pun kat sini kan"
"nak kacau dia tak?"
"nahh, she seems like a nice girl"

-thanks to fai for making friends with Tash at first by not letting her be in Zuhaira's group. maann, they are useless i tell you :O celak, tudung pendek, kain singkat, tight uniforms are like their stuffs ah -___- dah la at that time Tash was like the newest girl in school, so like she has no friends. then came Zuhaira & the gang to brainwashed her. no no, thats not gonna happen :)

SO.. on behalf of me and the others,


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