April 21, 2009

Twenty-Second April

"Happy Birthday Hazira!"

please take note that you're getting old missy :P as for the others, thank you for wishing me *smiles* so, when the clock strikes 12, my phone was ringing -eh, my brother lah :P he wished me and they (his friends) were like singing me the birthday song out loud in the background. aww ;) then after that my dad knocked my door and like, "eh sini! jom turun bawah cepat, tv rosak!" and i go like, "haha okay pa, i know the tricks already. cake dah ada kat bawah, haha old school lah pa" :P and dia macam, "haha ALAMAK *laughing* ok fine, come lets go down now"

p/s: abang, i want the shoes yng dekat OU tu please.
hehe 50bucks je

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