April 19, 2009

Well, i did have fun at least

Saturday, 18th April 09

i woke up pretty late on saturday and i did nothing except scribbled fai's shoes in my bedroom. just for fun, she really wanted me to do my Oh-so-famous-bunga-lalang whatever haha (even i dont know what to call it!) :P

actually ni gambar time kasut like 50% done, wanted to capture yng dah siap punya but i was too excited to show at fai so i forgot to update the latest :o) okay, enough with the shoes. yada yada yada its almost 6 o'clock and papa told me that we should get going to Istana Budaya for Malaysian Band Unplugged (OAG). maann, i was all excited and started getting ready for it. but too bad papa had some office stuffs to handle at the KLIA and he was pretty frustrated you know :O mana tak nya, show starts at 830pm and he have to be at the airport at the same time -__- so my mum had to accompany him to the airport. my brother, my aunty and i ajelah yng tengok show for that night. gahh, habis wasted 70bucks for mama and papa.

okay its lame, i know. haha saja je record time SEBELUM show cos we're not allowed to take photographs nor videos while in the show. too bad you guys have to imagine on your own how its like to be in there when the show has already started :D over all, the show was entertaining and head-banging enough :P so thats it, we went to this one sup lidah stall nearby Kg. Baru for dinner and met papa & mama there since diorang tak sempat tengok show.

Sunday, 19th April 09

wakie-wakie sleepy head! mama told me to get up for drum class at Istana Budaya as usual. "ma, five minutes more pleaseee?" and "NO" -sheesh, fine fine -__- i was a bit late for class and norien kept staring at me with those eyes hahaha i know, i was late like 2 hours yeah yeah cut it out already :P belajar sampai 3pm and we (norien and I) were like kelam kabut pasal nak gerak show oag. and guess what, kan semalam papa and mama tak dapat tengok oag right? haha my drum teacher aka Pak Din kasi tengok today punya show, which is featuring Bunkface.

"kan hazira dah tengok semalam? cukup la, kasi la mama pulak tengok"
"alaa but but.."
"kasi chance la mama tengok pulak"
"tapi semalam The Times! today nak tengok bunkfaceeee"
"ish dia ni"

mama masuk line, "alah its okay la let her see the show. i can wait outside, really. i'll wait at the cafe okay. plus mama bukannya interested sangat tengok benda ni"

and time ni when pak din showed up :P (go! go!) "hazira ada ticket tak? hm, kalau macam tu you guys masuk ajelah. panggil hezri masuk sekali"

papa, "satu family? tapi ada 2 tiket je ni"
pak din, "its okay, masuk je. i'll tell orang jaga ticket tu"

ALL HAIL PAK DIN! haha so looks like free concert la ni *giggles* (^.^)\/ and just nice, there was an empty spot sebelah norien and yes, i switched seats theenn i sat right next to norien since i got no ticket (get it?) :} haha luckily spot tu takda orang punya hehe. sam was hot (whispering "juliana evans" in the background HAHA), paan was freaking small, yok/yoq (or which ever way to spell his name) just turned 20 in the last three days, and the drummer was pretty err.. okay :)

so after the show, my family picked my aunty over at ttdi and went to Shogun, One Utama in conjunction with my up coming birthday on this 22nd as a treat :D tak salah celebrate awal hehe. well of course, i dont eat sushi and it makes me go like eghh :S so instead of taking those raw shushi(es), ada lagi banyak menu whatt. salmon of course, tak lepas :9 we really did have fun right? haha i was playing with my shades and then the virus mula merebak :} we laughed out really loud and we didn't realize that the waiters are also giggling around at one corner watching us gelak gila tak ingat dunia hahaha xD










and thanks aunty mah for the birthday treat :)


Eddie said...

awwww it looked like you guys had truckloads of fun :) happy birthday Hazi! too bad im too busy myself nak balik rawang to see you :( ala, there's always will be another time :)

i wonder how long that deal has been up :P a year? YEAH A FULL YEAR!

im so happy for you :) have a great time growing up :P love you gila :P

Hazira Harris said...

dont worry, this time i TAK AKAN segan segan dah kalau you nak belanja i ok hahaha love you too faizal tahir xD