May 4, 2009

First warning letter

based on the previous post, you know that my friends and I accidentally skipped maths extra class right? so yeah, today is monday and yes you guessed it right -'the teacher' was like, "Get out from my class!" and we were like, err oookay lets go then, outside we gooo. ngehh -___-

and oh! dont forget to my dearest bestfriend, THANKS erie for not coming to school just now. whats your line again? 'Kita Hadapi Bersama' ye? riiight. banyak la kau, boleh crita ah pasal kau dapat escape from the bebelan! >:( we got 10 points for that, though.
I wonder whose lucky number is thaatt ey.

gahh, curse you e-discipline for existing!


Muhamad Rafiq said...

tuh larh padah ponteng!
pdan mkew korng.

Hazira Harris said...

ahh, thanks -__-