May 6, 2009

Just my luck

okay fai, now its your turn to laugh at me. go ahead just laugh you evil, im cool.

so riiight, i was late to school this morning (as usual hihi) and im like, super rushing since the prefect was shouting 'pelajaarr! sila jalan cepat sikiitt!" at us. okay ookaay im coming! :S as i walked very fast, i was busy zipping my school bag and holding erie's high waist-skirt that she ordered online on my right hand. planning to give it to her since the postman redelivered the items yesterday. suddenly i felt like, TIMBEERRR! OMG, whats happening?! :O *in slow-motion mode* darn it, i fell down. i looked behind me and there was that effing hole >:| actually that hole ada grill and normally i wont step on it cos you know, afraid if it would fall or something. entah macam mana that time pulak I STEPPED ON IT -eeghh you were right hazi, the grill loose pulak -___- so yeah, i fell down (terbaek punya ah landing terbaring) and there was a girl who helped me by pulling me up and kutip the clothes yng berterabor and i was like, "eheeyy! thankks anyway. im okay, nvm dont worry im alright. thanks thanks!" (bapak ah taktau dah nak cover malu cenne lagi HAHAHA) picked up my stuffs and muka slumber terus masuk line :B gosh, that was a great starting for today huh? he-heeyeaahh, so like after 15 minutes i sat on the dataran, ouuchh sakitnyaa :S asked sha to accompany me to the toilet for a while to check up on my legs. i selak my kain, and my right leg is bleeding! o.O

"sh-sh-shaa, is that blood? i mean like, REAL BLOOD?"
"eh, what happened?!"
"aku jatuh masuk lubang longkang do tadi, shit jangan gelak! sakit ni gila, help me out lah"
"HAHAHAHA" -well, she did laugh after all. jaga hang sha >:O

so my right leg kena bandaged. yay -__- sakit oh, the luka macam sebesar sejengkal. hmm takut parut je do :( DAH LA FAI, JANGAN GELAK! enough enough, cerita dah habis dah weh. exit blog aku ni, kau pergi usha video Pee Wee Gaskins lagi bagus. dah dah bye! 8)

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