May 25, 2009

I beg your pardon?

Oookay. i just received a call from my friend, and here how it goes;

H: hello?
A: hazii?
H: yeah?
A: hazii... you dah tahu belum? *sounded like crying*
H: hah? tahu apa?
A: shira..
H: ha ye, shira. asal dengan dia?
A: dia accident petang tadi
H: wha- ah? accident? what the hell happened?!
A: dia tengah otw ke tuition petang tadi dgn brother dia and then,
H: and then?
A: diorang kena langgar
H: w-ww-wait, dia kena langgar dengan apa weh?
A: lori
H: how is she now? critical sangat ke? omg, hospital mana? hah?
A: mother dia kata kepala dia injured teruk, so does her brother
H: abang dia drive kan?
A: yes. no wonder dia tak datang tuition after we celebrated sha's birthday
A: dia dekat hospital Sg. Buluh right now.
H: okay okay i'll tell the rest

Astaghfurullahalazim ;(
when she said the 'accident' word, i was totally lost.

hope shira and her brother will be okay, amin.


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fai said...

amin :(