July 23, 2009

Roasted Hazira

A quick update for yesterday. the three of us planned to go to sentosa since fai said that she wanted to do a new haircut for herself. so okay, we went to the saloon after school. we were a bit 'pancit' that day cos we puasa and trust me, it was tiring! gerai jambu all over the streets o.O but still we managed to habiskan puasa that day. haha nasib kita main bet, kalau tak semua dah melahap habis :P arrived at the saloon around 3:30pm and we discovered something that we never expected! so after the drama, we went back to tbr and lepak until 6pm with two other monkeys, zuwan and tuna (hihi) :P for zuwan, just stop spreading that rempit video of me and tuna around. eh, alang alang tu tolong bluetooth kat fai terus la. aku pun nak jugak HAHAHA (y)

maan, that evening was fun until later that night. my body were shaking when im sleeping that night. sneezing and all. got up for sahur at 5am and i realized that i almost fell when i was walking down the stairs. my head was spinning. so when i woke up this morning, i can feel my body is heating up. "nak demam ke ni, alah not agaaiinn" -ikutkan hati memang taknak gerak sekolah today, sebab exhausted gila. tapi terpaksa gerak jugak cos sir darren is coming to my school today all the way from kajang just to hand me up the tshirts i ordered from him. so, i had to go -__- well, it turned out to be even worst that morning. i broke down at school, and felt very very cold and decided to lay on fai. luckily i brought my hoddie around. the whole day i just slept in the class, aku dah jadi Roasted Hazira for the day -__- panas gila temperature. i wanna go home but sir darren is not here yet. so i waited for him. around 10am, he texted me and asked me to come down to the staff room. after i collected the tshirts, saje je nak break the ice. "so uhh, sir. this saturday you ada charity gig right dekat KDU?" eheh padahal rasa nak tumbang dah that time. i skipped math extra class. pening dah naik macam mengada-ngada sangat. sekolah habis at 1:10, but my dad is coming at 1:45. my friends semua dah gerak to extra class right after the school bell rang. so i went to surau all by myself and slept there while waiting for my dad to pick me up. could not stand anymore with the dizziness, had...to...sleep :/ went to the clinic after that. and oh, did i mention today pun aku puasa? fai told me to buka puasa tapi aku taknak. its my last day to cover my puasa so im like, noo taknak! im fine lah. membebel habis diorang. last last my dad paksa buka puasa jugak cos kena makan ubat. sayang gila :( and now im sitting here, wasting my time updating this blog. i should be sleeping right now, bye.

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