November 30, 2009

Hangat-hangat taik ayam

i woke up extremely late yesterday. went downstairs and cooked some scramble eggs and ate it with roti + kicap on top. my head was spinning and all i did was playing facebook the whole day. at 6, i helped my mom to clear things out in the wet kitchen. i saw my printing machine at the other corner. dirty and rusty. my dad told me to get my ass off from the computer and start printing some tshirts again like i used to. i dont know why i stopped printing those tshirts. they said im like the 'separuh jalan' type :/ ya yaa yaa, whatever. somehow, it feels so awesome to get money in return you know. like, "hazi, i nak design macam ni. nak 6 helai tau" for example. wow, kalau macam tu je i can just easily get umm.. 228 bucks? bersih, 114. around that la. easy money man! -like my dad always said, hah. what a waste, i know.

and these are some of the designs i did for them, the gilas.

tengok la kalau i feel so rajin again, i'll do some printing.
a comeback la pendek cerita, wahaha

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