December 1, 2009

Random post ey?

[Music: 5 Years Time by Noah and the Whale]

Went to Waroeng Penyet for lunch (so pedas sia that sambal), walked around Ikano and i saw someone's buying Nachos. yummeh, cant resist. so i bought one with extra chhheezeee on top and melahap together with my mom. then rushed to tmn tun for a badminton match (tummy so full, have to exercise too! hehe) we went to Steak99 near tmn tun for dinner. wanna order lamb shoulder but cannot.. too heavy. so i picked spaghetti olive oil with mushroom, instead. and now im at home, wrapping my hair with a towel. so wangi the sunsilk smell :P i think imma dial someone's number lah after this, so bored. and oh, i might be going to The Library this sunday to see sir darren with his band perform. I WANT TO GO! but ah well, tight schedule. we'll see how :/

oh man, i really gotta buy a new phone battery.
sikit2 low, aku bakar jugak kang. -__-

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