December 3, 2009

Mah-mah neyy

I checked my tabung this morning and all that was left were only 20 bucks. O-M-G, im broke! december is making my purse thin and thinner every each day. hanging out, needs money. shopping, needs money. no more school, so no more pocket money from mama :( i need cash, like real fast. i cant do a part-time job, my dad wont allow me. he said like its not that worthwhile working, poor payment. sheeshh, finee fine. somehow, i feel bad when i think about my duit raya. i lost my 500 bucks just like that, poof. its all because of a useless 'friend'. thank you eh!

well thats about it, im off to curve with my dad *as usual*

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© hidayah ros said...

akak pun lagi memerlukan wang untuk shopping. aduhhh. bila la nak hujan duit eh? lol