December 10, 2009

Save it for today

if you haven't watch this clip on my facebook yet,
then click that ► button now :P

i was busy doing this project with fai yesterday. so tiring, trust me. to capture all the movements satu hal, THE EDITING WAS A COMPLETELY TORTURE! hehh.. but it turned pretty okay, i guess. you should have seen behind the scene man, so tight i tell you. especially when the part i have to read the magazine under the hot sun. just imagine lah, how panas that chair was! so yeah.. when i sat on that chair, for every 5 seconds i'll go like.. 'whoa shieeett! pause weh pause, panas sial bontot aku pleasee!' *screaming and jumping* hahaha now i know, it aint izzzaaayy as it looks to make a stop motion. anyhoo, i still enjoy watching my all-time favorite stop motion; Western Spaghetti :)


Anonymous said...

video asl sengal sgt ha ekheng?

FairuzAmanina said...

well at least ada hasil kan kan?! nanti kita buat lagy la zii :D dgn erie semua :) haha kann! kesian erie tak dpt join :'(

electrony said...

hahaha best !!