September 8, 2008

Be thankfull, sweetie

I had a little fight with my dad last night. Its all about this damn internet thingy. *exhales* he asked me to do this advertisement on the internet for him. Well, it takes about half an hour la jugak to do it cos his Yahoo account had some problems to open it. And I asked for his Yahoo password again and again. Then he accused me that I didn’t want to help him whatever this shit is. Heh, mula lah dia marah bla bla bla at me. So I was like to protect myself and all saying that ‘I have already done your thing and your Yahoo account is having some troubles!’ Okay, he denied it. Then he said ‘Kau mainlah internet malam ni puas puas and tomorrow they will be NO MORE INTERNET FOR YOU!’ –and I was like wtf? Dah la internet malam tu lembab nak mampos and nak upload picture for the advertisement tu lagilah kan? haihs. On that time I was chatting with Eddie on MSN. And I told him about this right away. He calmed me down and he asked me to see in the bright sides. He talked about his family and all, having problems with that and this. ‘Just appreciate your family ok’ he said. Suddenly I felt like aku ni tak bersyukur langsung with what I have. Honestly la kan, for example like my best friend, Erie –her father is like a very kuat iman kind one. Her mother is fine (well not that suka ‘paksa’ people) her father is very complicated. Lepak with some boys it’s a NO –even with our best friends. Dalam senyap2 dia ada boyfriend apa. Her mom knows everything, but she’s cool. But if her father finds out, she’ll be dead meat! (well kinda) Hanging out at OU, Sunway, Pavvy, Curve or whatever it’s a NO. That kind of place banyak maksiat. Not like us kan, tempat semua tu macam dah biasa dah bagi kita semua kan? Tapi if my dad tak kasi aku keluar sikit aku merungut kata my dad ni overprotected la everything. But Erie chill je tak dapat keluar semua? If on bulan puasa, NO tvs NO radios NO internet NO EVERYTHING except baca al-quran and those kind of stuffs. Itupun if her dad keluar, she will senyap2 watch the tv. Her father is a hot tempered. If somebody messed out with him, you’ll gonna pay for it. Sampaikan if her father datang sekolah to pick her up kan, kitorang semua akan duduk dengan our girlfriends je. The boys semua pun dah faham pasal benda ni. ‘Wey bapak aku datangg!’ –hah semua orang tergesa gesa change position masing masing haha. Then semua duduk macam angels :) like we don’t know anything hehe. Erie ni perangai like some other girls jugak, gila gila. One day dia tengok cheer 08 on tv. Then comes her father from behind and said ‘hah kau nak jadi macam tulah bila kau besar nnt? Menari gedik sini sana? Jangan harap aku nak kasi kau jadi macam tu’ –aahh tension gila kan? -.- Erie and I macam tak sabar nak jadi 18. Freedom babyy. Do anything that we want to do. So anyways, idk how Erie boleh tahan hidup macam tu. Once dulu dia pernah cakap to everyone, ‘guys, aku rasa if korang tukar hidup dgn aku just for one day kan, haha sure korang akan mati’ –omg no takmau tukar my life like yours please :S then I realized how thank full I am to have a family like mine :) but Erie is always cool with her family. That is what I wanna hear. GO ERIE <3

Well yeah, Eddie really did make me realized on this thing –to be thank full for what you have now. Thanks for your help man :)

And as for dad, we’re okay dah tadi. Dia type yng marah sekejap je. If dia gado dgn aku lama lama, he does not have other people dah to talk to. My brother mmg dah takde kan, he has gone back to college. So tinggal aku sorang jelah. Seriously, he is VERY LONELY >:P hahaha ily pa! <3

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