September 6, 2008

Moving on

30th April -30th August 2008

its officially over. Me and my boyfriend. Or should I call my ex? Mhm. Okay okay, for those yng aku mengadu kat korang pasal my problem with him ni kan, yes I know, aku mmg takde alasan yng kukuh on ‘why I broke up with him’. On the 4months anniversary, kteorang broke up –I left him :/ damn, I feel very guilty. I had this kind of problems so many times before with my ex(s). exactly like this. Nice -.- so yeah, I broke up with him because of my selfish-ness. My closest friends gila dah masak kot dgn perangai aku haha thks anyway for helping out and you guys tried to find a way to save my relationship with him, thank you :) I am now single but not that available yet. Try to fix some things out over here step at a time and train myself to not to get boring with someone too easily. Yes tight, thank you for noticing that in me haha.

Hey, if ‘you’ are reading this blog, I wanna thank you for took care of me very well since we’ve met and your super kindness yang you wanted to be my boyfriend very bad, my one and only big brother trusted on you to be with me. I had a lot of fun being together with you. The best part is when kita nak keluar dating je, my brother mengalu-alukan lagi ;) hey, tak sempat jugak kan kita nak hang out at the beach together for our upcoming anniversary? Mhm. Don’t say that I am not perfect to you, maybe its cos you layak to get a better one than me :) I know you love me THAAATTT much, but please. Don’t be too emo because of me and takut you terbawak bawak to your studies in college. Okay? Be strong, honey. Honestly, you’re my fav boyfriend ever. You have those faith full in you, your jokes, your guts, your sweetest smile, your usaha to keep me happy, your quite handsome looks, your hugs, your dimple :) that’s an extra mark <3 I liked every single thing about you. Even though we only made it till 4months only. Seriously, I’ve never thought that we will ended up this way and this long -.- you’re just the perfect one for me but idk why I left you out behind :/ im sorry for what I have done to you. I confess, I made a lot of mistakes. But you still maafkan I and all. After that I do it again, again and again. Tapi you tenang je kan? you are awesome, you know that? :/ mhm. So after this, you can find a new girl that suits you in college. Not like me, just a small kid. I know how hard for you to deal with this problem, until you don’t want to text me at all these days. If call lagilah kan? hmm you just wanna forget all the things eh? Its up to you. Well, I have got nothing to say dah. Lastly, thanks for the memories and taught me how to be a grown up teenager. Thank you ridzauddin for being there for me and have a very nice day <3

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