November 24, 2008

Lets talk something

“2008, you better pack your things up cos 2009 is coming to kick you out baby!” and it goes with some excitement between all of us and hooray new year’s coming! –well uhh, not for me. Im really not one of them. Its just.. well I don’t know, I just.. do not like my 2008 ‘that much’. And guess what, Im also not excited to this upcoming new year. Its pretty hard to explain but oh what the heck, you’re reading my blog and ill make you understand :P *exhales* so yeah, I don’t like my 2008. why? Because everything just didn’t work out like I thought it would be. Everything just.. changed –simple word. And the weird part is, I love everything about my 2007. why? Because it’s very special, time paling syiok gila for me and 2007 has taught me to be a liiiitle bit 'matang' than before *giggles*

last two days ago, my good friend messaged me and he was like, yo dawg ssup? How’re ya buddy? Haha asking me what I’ve been up to lately and stuffs. Ho yeah, its been awhile we didn’t talk right :p and so, he told me that he was pretty excited (well sort of) about this 2009 coming. And that’s when all my drama started :P well I told him that im not that excited and happy bla bla bla and all (read it back those junks that I typed at the 1st paragraph if you still cant remember the story, thank you.) “maybe there’s something ‘ulala’ that happened in that year and that makes 2007 is the best year of your life” said one of my cool handsome friend (hey, im being nice here. Don’t take it too far will ya? Haha) “I bet it was a wonderful year for you. Its all about new friends, hangouts, boyfriend/girlfriend, crush2 and all. Cos it’s the fun stuffs going on there, am I right?” he said. and im like, ookay. This dude is really cooking me! Cool, cos he’s like reading my damn mind :) he said that he have been through my situation when he were at my age. The older we get, the different we would be –yeah, that’s what he said I guess. Well, it cools me up a bit after we talked for about 10 little minutes :) but anyway is, I still don’t like my 2008. cos you know, in the year 2007, I’ve got so many cool friends that I’ve never thought that I could hangout with them. I’ve got this one 17-year-old dude from ttdi and he is very caring about me on MySpace (ill write whatever I want cos I know that he will never read my blog, that’s for sure) he called me ‘adik’ and Im pretty comfortable with that status. I also called him ‘abg angkat’ lah for some sweeter toppings :] well yeah, he is quite nice and seriously man, rupa dia like that Indonesian actor named Irwansyah! Oh god im not lying, you should see him 1st then we’ll talk haha :P I like meeting up with him cos you know..well..i don’t know, he’s just a cool bro :) he goes to gym every Saturdays and sometimes we’ll meet each other up at Ou after I finished my drum class. Oh that time was just, great! Now I’ve got someone that really cares about me. He always tried to see/hangout with me even though im the type that cannot go out ALONE unless there’s a big man following me around the mall to watch over me, my dad –oh yeah, who else could it be eh? Yea yaa keep laughing your ass off on me cos im a daddy’s little girl alright *roll eyes* so yeah, we didn’t hangout that much after all. BUT, he always 'ring ring' me too! Hehe that’s the best part is :P I mean like, you know, I like getting phone calls from other people. I appreciated the calls and so does the callers too (yeah, try to call me when ever im sleeping or what, whether you still keep on saying “oh my, are you into something? Okay never mind then, I don’t want to bother you” and ill be happy to talk on the phone with you and ill try my best to keep you busy talking with me no matter what) he usually calls me around 3 or 4am like that. Why? cos he said that he’s a batman. He sleeps at day and do things at night (like calling you or something?) *laughs* so well yeah, in the middle of the morning I still answer his phone call and saying “oh nahh, im still awake and I haven’t sleep yet!” –yeah right *menguap* yeah, ‘kawan punya pasal kan, so takpee’ :) its fun having you on 08 new year’s eve when you sprayed me with that icky snowy thing right on my face until im out of air and it really goes into my mouth (if anyone out there who are dying to eat those thing, just forget about it. It taste horrible, eghh) and so, I *cough cough* a lot and I tried to get some air. Its really hard to get some air at that time.. cos hundreds of people are playing the snowy thing too! -.- so I hugged bat, my old friend from Bandar Sri Damansara and hopping I could get away from those snowy thingy while spanky and my ‘abg angkat’ just gosok my kepala and like “are you okay? Hey, are you okay?” –hahahaha you should have looked on my abg angkat’s face! Gila bersalah je haha, at the same time I tried to make dia rasa LEBIH BERSALAH >:D

oh, here's some photos time new year's eve 2008 dulu dekat The Curve. saja nak kongsi balik gambar lama ni :)

itu Spanky, haha

ni pulak Bat :)

oh well, when 2008 took in 2007’s place, I cant see anything between us anymore. We’re like strangers. Everything has changed –just like that. well you know, you are now 18, you got some new cool friends and you’re ‘the man’. Okay. Its very upsetting for me, but what the hell, dia kan dah ada kawan baru -.- so we’re now macam tak kenal siapa dah. I texted him, and magic kot kalau dia nak reply balik. kalau call, jarang plak dia nak angkat en. Kalau terserempak dgn dia dekat events mana mana pun im the only one who is very excited to see him while he’s not (ouch) I talked to him dengan gila semangatnya while he’s like “wait, im on the phone” and there he goes. Talking to the phone and he just walked away from me sedangkan im still waiting there for him to end that conversation. That’s just, not nice :/ tapi dia ni tetap best, the coolest pet-bro I’ve ever had.

so, that’s the negative part about my 2008. Itu baru sikit and you haven’t heard the whole story yet haha. I would love to share more stories about my 2007 but I haven’t got the time to type it down. Maybe ill do it later sometimes. But anyway is, my 2007 is the best year so far. If this 2009 rocks my world, then ill come back and tell you guys :)
Awesome! Well, I just miss my 2007 friends, that’s all.

Have a nice day.


Anonymous said...

apparently there is someone else
reading your blog :P

aha ala chill lah hazi, you know
me too right. you'll understand
soon when you're in my situation
right now. when you have all these
"too many" friends to take care of
and kept you busy all day long
sooner or later of course one of
your friends rasa left out etc etc.
its harder to divide our time and
to manage all that. that is
something you cant avoid. if you
wanna talk something over im here :)

Anonymous said...

owh one more thing,

you patut rasa bertuah bcause there
are people who cares about you.
im one of them :)

think of bright side hazi *pat hazi*


Hazi said...

awwhh *blushing* :} hahaha
ehey, thanks pal ;)