April 14, 2009

Erase Delete BackSpace Cut

seventeen's right. maybe i really should stay in my room all alone by myself. based on this month's preview, taurus is having like some quite of electric shock or something with their bffs -ehey, you can surely count me in! i found out that this whole week feels kind of, hmm.. weird. i feel very awkward when im around with my homies in class. see, confusing right? school was fine, i felt like im a new kid in class cos i didn't bergaul with anyone that much (SO like yesterday) the school bell rang, and i couldn't find my bestfriends. riiight, being left out behind is just great. so here goes nothing, i walked out alone and trust me, i felt like a bugger chimpo (MF).

dont even worry about me guys, im alright.

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