April 17, 2009

Falling apart

im still figuring out how to sort through the weird fights im having these days with those guys. i dont understand, because of that one piece of shit and now you're making faces with me eh? like come on, grow up. we've been bestfriends like 4 years and you want to let our relationship ruin just like that? seriously, if you got problems with me come and talk face-to-face. but instead of doing that, you are telling bad stuffs about me to the other girls -that is so unprofessional. whats got into you ah? are you like.. okay? cos you're being such a loser this week. when is the last time we got into like, a REAL FIGHT between us? tell me, when is that? wait, let me guess -4 years ago isn't it? -___- see, you're being such a fool to yourself, and since you got me into this mess, the others (you know who you are) has completely changed too. chaos here, chaos there. we always do everything together like, you name it! -everything. it is sad because we're in the same class but we dont talk to each other that much anymore. we were like doing our own stuffs ALONE. i feel very awkward in some kind of way.
i hate walking alone, haih -___-

"eh, sorang je ke today? where are the others?"
"ah? hmm, idk"
"rasa pelik gila pulak tengok kau jalan sorang2, selalunya satu kampung sekali!"
"oh really"
"wait a minute, korang gaduh ke?"
"eh nolah, im just not in a good mood je" (yeah right)

and i have to say, i think i dont have the mood anymore to celebrate my birthday this year (-.-) no, dont collect all the money from our bff to buy a cake for me like we used to do every year. just save it, all i want for my birthday is you guys. stay right beside me and i just want us to be like normal back.

(hate to say this, but i couldn't stop my tears by falling down right now..)

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eddie said...

yes this FALLING APART problems of yours, again. I cant judge anything by only this short post, but seriously if you need help im always here for you. Since im here dekat BS if you wanna go for TGIM also i wont mind. I cant read minds Hazi. I've always been there for you, have you ever been there for me?

now get your chin angled up as high as possible, if you kept ignoring help from other people, eventually no one will. remember that hazi.